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Falcon foundation

Made up of current and past parents, the Falcon Foundation works closely with the school to identify and implement key infrastructure projects and do so with the assistance of parent donations to the Foundation's building fund.

The Falcon Foundation supports the school in meeting its need for continual development in teaching facilities. The Foundation was established because government funding is limited to the basics of education and does not provide any of the advanced academic and extra-curricular facilities that our talented students require.

Recent projects

The Falcon Foundation has successfully achieved the complete refurbishment of the AF Henry Hall, the upgrading and refurbishment of science labs and the complete refurbishment of the junior boys' toilets. Most recently the Falcon Foundation focused on and completed the redevelopment and expansion of our library.

Upcoming project

The Foundation is supporting the school with an exciting major initiative – a significant upgrade to and doubling of the size of the school gymnasium. The generosity of past parents have made it possible for the Foundation to curate sufficient funds to co-fund this project with the school. The importance of contributions by parents of current students in support of the boys who will receive an immediate benefit from the newly upgraded gymnasium, is critical to its success.

This project is expected to begin its build by mid 2019 and expected to complete Q1 2020 in time for use at the next Crawford Shield competition with Melbourne High, hosted at the school.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the first month of each quarter during term time at 6pm in the school conference room. Each meeting reviews past progress, determines progress of projects being funded and discusses risks and issues with their completion. Specific topics such as parent contributions, parent expectations, school executive priorities for Foundation funding and a forward work plan are discussed. Parents may seek admission into the Foundation by filling up the membership form and paying a nominal fee, per the Foundation constitution – and submitting in advance of the meeting for review and approval.

Falcon foundation executive committee 2019

  • President: Keith Pinto
  • Vice Presidents: John Vallis
  • Secretary: Ka Mak
  • Treasurer: Alex Koh 
  • Executive members: Roland Zhong, Roslyn Grant, Robyn Hughes, Matthew Dopierala, Michael Iverach

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 20 May 2019, 6:00pm