North Sydney Boys High School

Vincit qui se vincit

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North Sydney boys enjoy the benefits of specialised learning facilities including many that have been newly built or renovated. Since 2001 the school community, state and federal governments have made a significant investment in new facilities to meet the ever changing needs of our students and teachers.

Recent projects include the refurbishment of six science laboratories, construction of a three storey creative, performing and industrial arts teaching facility and the refurbishment of the heritage listed assembly hall including the addition of a mezzanine and porte cochere, new timber ceiling and an upgrade of the stage and lighting.

In 2013 the extensive renovation and extension of our library commenced and redevelopment of the south western area of the grounds began. The new library was opened in Term 1, 2014.

The library renovation was a significant project. The size of the library was doubled and infrastructure and resources put in place to meet teaching and learning needs well into the future. With the assistance of the school community, over $2 million was raised to fund the project.

Some years ago we identified the need to improve our library and recreation spaces for the boys.  In 2011 the formal planning process for the new library and outdoor recreation precinct began with the aim to begin construction of the library in 2012, the year of our centenary; plans for the outdoor recreation precinct are currently before North Sydney council awaiting approval. The intention is to commence development of this project in November 2015.


North Sydney Boys offers five computer laboratories. These computers are equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD), multimedia digital editing, programming, music editing, geographic information systems, robotic engineering command software as well as a range of science and language resources.

The school has implemented a schoolwide Bing Your Own Device policy (BYOD). The technology policy regarding BYOD for 2016 has been designed to give freedom for students and parents to make technology choices that suit your circumstances. To assist with the access to learning resources, the school's teaching spaces all have wireless capabilities.

We also offer connected classrooms featuring smart boards and associated technology enhancing the learning experience in the classroom.

Our intranet is an effective communication vehicle which delivers curriculum resources and information to students and the greater school community.