North Sydney Boys High School

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Study tours

North Sydney Boys students have the opportunity to travel locally and internationally with sporting and cultural exchanges.

Each year we battle Melbourne High School in a sporting and cultural challenge, called the Crawford Shield, spanning four days. The location of the competition alternates between the two cities, giving the boys the opportunity to travel as well as host their guests at home.

Overseas language and cultural tours are also offered to our students. Our Japanese students have the opportunity to travel to Japan in a long standing exchange with the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School. We also host students from this school giving our boys the opportunity to forge friendships, develop their Japanese language skills and explore the culture. Other cultural tours are offered by the school to enrich the boys' experiences.

North Sydney Boys also encourages and supports students wishing to undertake an international student exchange or scholarship.

Our musicians have the opportunity to travel with a regular touring program including local, national and international performances. Overseas tours have included Canada, North America, the Bahamas, and Europe. We also tour regional NSW and combine with other schools for workshops and concerts.