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Falcon sport

Falcon Sport is a parent-run organisation that provides a co-curricular sports program for North Sydney Boys students. This is an additional program to school sport and is offered after school hours for boys who are interested.

Approximately 350 players represent the school in sporting competitions each year under the Falcon Sport banner. The sports currently included are badminton, basketball, orienteering, soccer, squash, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, and volleyball.

The aim of Falcon Sport is to encourage the enjoyment of sport and to support the personal and social development of the boys through participation in team and individual sports.

Participating in school-based teams gives boys from different backgrounds the opportunity to develop new friendships and to socialise with their schoolmates. The bonds of friendship developed through Falcon Sport often endure well beyond the school years. Falcon Sport also provides parents with opportunities to get to know each other and to get involved in the boys sporting activities.

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