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Outdoor education

Over six years with North Sydney Boys each student attends five outdoor education camps. Through the outdoor education program the boys gain new found confidence as they conquer challenges, enjoy new experiences and strengthen friendships formed at school. 

The first camp is held early in Year 7 where new friendships form and a special bond begins, that often lasts through their six years and beyond. The Year 11 Peer Support leaders attend this camp so that a support network for our new students is developed. 

In Years 8, 9 and 10 the camps continue to promote personal development and teamwork. They focus on improving each boy's self reliance, confidence and interpersonal skills through a range of challenging outdoor experiences such as abseiling, mountain biking, camping, sailing and more. 

In Year 11 students travel to Jindabyne where the boys ski and snowboard. We are joined by the students from Burwood Girls High School, giving the boys the chance to forge new friendships, many of which continue well beyond the camp. It is a great experience for the boys before the demands of Year 12 begin and is always a highlight of their days at North Sydney Boys. 

The final camp in Year 12 focuses on study techniques and maintaining a balanced approach during the HSC. It is designed to support students in their final year of school.