North Sydney Boys High School

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The Auxiliary plays an active role in North Sydney Boys High School by providing hospitality for school events and fundraising activities. It also provides an informal avenue for the sharing of information among parents.

Parents are encouraged to join the Auxiliary (membership fee of $2) and attend meetings, which are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of each month during school terms, from 9:30am to 11:30am.

The dates for 2023 are:

15 February; 15 March; 17 May; 21 June; 16 August; 20 September; 18 October; 15 November (including the AGM)

The Principal or a Deputy Principal also attends the meetings to update parents on school issues. The Auxiliary is involved in:

  • Hosting the Welcome Morning Tea for Year 7 families (run by Year 8 parents)
  • Operating the Uniform Shop
  • Providing hospitality for key school events such as Parent/Teacher Interviews, Year 7 Orientation Day, and Crossroads
  • Raising funds by organising the Annual Dinner and raffle programme, and participating in the Entertainment Book marketing initiative
  • Book covering in the library (on request from faculties)
  • Organising the Year 12 Graduation Dinner (run by Year 11 parents)
  • Organising the staff Christmas lunch


The Auxiliary’s committee for 2023 is:

President - Malathy Yuvaraj

Vice Presidents - Radha Somanachi, Nicole Zhang

Secretary - Monica Le-Nguyen

Treasurer - Amanda Tee

Communications Officer - Renata Tacadena

Catering Coordinator - Shanthi Pillay

Uniform Shop Coordinator - Angela Wang

Library Coordinator - Karen P’ng

Fundraising Coordinator - Anitha Ramesh

P&C representative - Renata Tacadena


Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. Please email if you wish to be notified of future meetings and activities.

Click here to order 2021/2022 Entertainment Digital Membership. Alternatively, please contact the Auxiliary at for more information.